The Spring Tide Food Festival

Hosted by the National Trust the Spring Tide Food Festival is situated on Hive beach. Although small it has all the best local food producers from wheat flour to chilli salt, from seaweed sausages to homemade gin. It certainly had variety.

This is the perfect family day out for Foodies. It is a family-friendly festival with a lovely relaxing atmosphere and entertainment is never far away, such as bunting making (more on that later) live music and local artists bring the whole festival feel together. With beautiful scenery of the Jurassic Coast when I say it was a day for the whole family, it means four-legged friends too, although they are not allowed in the main marquee. _DSC0226Still, they did not forget about their needs, they have a stall for your pooch to have some treats, so you could fill yourself with delicious goodies and then walk it off along the coast, obviously, you do not need a dog for that.

All the produce is local and is available to try and to buy. Always at these foodies events, I go crazy and it is always Gin! No change here once again Gin was purchased. For more on the Gin see my blog post Fordington Gin

I did also purchase some flour, an odd item to buy you may think but I love making bread in my bread machine (yes I have a machine and I know it’s cheating) but these samples of wheat flour and rye flour bread were delicious. So I am looking forward to bread and cake making with it. Sadly, that is all I bought this time but my mother in law did purchase some cave aged goats cheese.

We did try some interesting flavours though, such as Rhubarb & Rosemary sausages, along with seaweed sausages, I am always happy to try something new but these did not quite take my fancy if I am honest. I did try an interesting selection of Jurassic coast salts, favours including chilli, lemon & thyme and lime. I did not buy any this time as I still have a selection of specialist salt left over from a previous hoard.

Cakes were also delicious, especially a treacle slice but I thought I would attempt to make my own when I return home – watch this space on how that turns out!

Outside the main marquee you can take your pick for lunch, paella, burgers, crab mac & cheese. There is plenty of choices, including a local vineyard, brewery and coffee-house.

Thank goodness with the sun shining we were able to try some delicious flavours of ice cream and sorbet. I had unfortunately got a sore throat so the best choice for me was the lemon sorbet but Mr N’s choice was delicious Rhubarb and Rosehip.

So back to the bunting, this being a National Trust Event they, of course, have some creative arty things to do with wildlife, this was 100% my favourite thing to do whilst at the festival, admittedly it is probably for the children, but I am always wanting to show Baby T things, even if she does not remember. I saw the sign saying make your own bunting and I immediately thought oh goodie painting, nope wrong. You are given two pieces of bunting material, a bunch of foliage and a hammer. Placing one piece of bunting down on a log, arrange your flowers to the required design and lay the second piece of material over the top. Hammer away and you will see the flowers & foliage coming through. Once you are happy, leave it to dry naturally. Amazing! Well to me it was and I am definitely doing this again. The activities were free to do but donations are welcome. When you have that much fun and they turn out like mine did, you should give a donation.

The festival costs £2 each to get in, children under 12 are free. You will have to pay for parking unless you are savvy and you park somewhere else and walk to the festival. National Trust Members get free parking but still have to pay the £2 admission fee.

Talking to some of the locals they praise how this event gets bigger and better each year, however, the fact it is local food producers and full of the community will never change._DSC0239

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