Review – Giggling Squid – Cheltenham

As a lover of Thai food, I could not wait to try Cheltenham’s new Thai food hot spot Giggling Squid.

Pranee and her husband had an idea, that started back in 2002 in a tiny fisherman’s cottage which happens to be their Brighton restaurant now. Their ideas were to start their first tapas style Thai menu, achieving simple, fresh rustic Thai food. The idea came from the fact that in Thailand people eat lots of small sharing dishes at lunch and dinner.img_9186

With no budget or clue where to start in this dilapidated building their menu was a huge success, however, good news the building is no longer falling to pieces in Brighton but the menu is still as they original dreamed. Now, 16 years on they have 26 restaurants across the UK and more in the pipeline. Their success gives hope to all that have a vision of their dreams. Their continued success story and massive following have landed in Cheltenham with a bang.

At the official launch, we were given a sneak peek into their incredible dishes and welcoming hospitality. I am very much looking forward to returning to try their evening menu which has bigger dishes if you do not fancy sharing with your other half or friends.

I must admit the most exciting part was the free photo booth where you could take home your selfie snap of the launch.img_9209

Once the old Strada restaurant, they are have beautifully decorated the building with light, fresh botanical tones and theme running throughout. It is the perfect place to relax and kick back.

I wish Pranee and the Cheltenham team all the best in Cheltenham.IMG_9190.JPG

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