Review of Little Cheltenham Photo Shoot with Cotswold Baby Co.

Before Baby T arrived we had a small wander around a little pop up in Cheltenham called Maman Goes Pop, little did I know how big the Cheltenham Maman effect was. It was fabulous to see local mama businesses altogether. Clothing for both mama and baby, gifts and homewares, along with groups of interest for you and baby. It is where we purchased our beloved YesMum cards which remind us daily how we are doing our best with parenting.

We have since visited two further Maman Goes Pop events but this last one was the most fun for a number of reasons some good, some bad. We booked in an opportunity to have a fun photo of Baby T with the amazing Little Cheltenham. Before the photo shoot it was eventful to say the least, as children can be unpredictable this was just the occasion. I won’t share the embarrassment with you all but it involved me going into mama panic mode and a change of outfit was required. Thankful Baby T and I love the Cotswold Baby Company, which has unique and quirky little pieces for our little cubs. I had been waiting for a particular outfit to come back into stock on their website but as fate would have it, they were at the pop-up and luck was on our side as they had the exact outfit we wanted. Purchased and changed we were ready for our close up!

Kate from Little Cheltenham was fantastic, it normally takes Baby T a while to feel comfortable around people but she took to Kate instantly, making this experience I must admit a lot easier. Little Cheltenham especially designed a backdrop for the photo shoot and you could see the time and effort that went into it. With the perfect props it was down to Baby T to decide what she wanted to use and of course, it had to be fluffy, the parrot was her new friend.

Whilst Kate made Baby T feel at ease, she made me feel comfortable and the shoot went really well. I had a terrible fear of her wandering off, not showing off her gorgeous smile and not paying attention meaning we would have been there hours trying to get the best shot. I think with Kate’s calm and chilled atmosphere it made it a breeze.

The next problem was, which photo to choose. The cost of the shoot entitled you to one photograph, however, more copies could be purchased if required. This was the point where Baby T tried to escape with the parrot, but as I browsed the photographs, Kate took over and kept her entertained. It was then I discover that Little Cheltenham offers family portraits including pets. I am hoping I can convince Mr N to partake even though he hates having his photo taken and Bella would probably run away. With photo chosen, we could not wait to see our photo. When it arrived we were thrilled, not only with the photograph but with the whole experience Kate gave us. I have been shouting out about Little Cheltenham ever since.

If you are interested in having your little one or family captured with ease and fun with a photograph you can treasure then you will find Kate here:

01242 465 351

And if you love Baby T’s Foxy outfit check out Cotswold Baby Co. at:

We will be featuring more of their beautiful collection soon, watch this space.

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