Cotswold Lavender Farm at Snowshill

One of my favourite smells has always been lavender, I have always used oils, and products with 100% pure lavender in. I could not be without it when I am stressed or tired, it is known as having a calming and restoring effect. I have always planted Lavender by my front door for luck, growing up I always remember us having Lavender in the garden. Brushing up against the lavender in the summer months releasing the scent. Lavender has been used for its healing properties for years, being described as nature’s complete first aid remedy.

Through ancient Greek and Roman times, lavender was used it to treat ailments such as insect bites, headaches, dizziness, kidney disorders, jaundice and dropsy. The Roman soldiers used it as an antiseptic on war wounds and even used during the first world war with moss poultices when bandages ran short.

Thinking of a day out with Baby T where she could roam free of her pram or stroller as she is now fully walking about the place, here there and everywhere I could not think of anywhere better than the beautiful lavender fields I had heard about in Snowshill on the edge of Broadway. The fact it was on my bucket list of places to visit, was also a winner for the perfect day trip.

I admit we had left it late, in fact, the last-minute to see and walk the beautiful fields of blue and yellow. After the warm weather we had been experiencing, a slightly cooler day was the perfect timing. The cost of the entrance was half price as the lavender was coming towards the end, it was not all vibrant blue but it still was a sight to behold.

Cotswold Lavender is a third generation family of Lavender farmers in the heart of the Cotswold Hills. The fields were used to grow wheat and barley, however, in 2000 the first lavender was planted, being 1,000 feet above sea level it is the best place for growing conditions. The fields have over 450,000 plants spanning 120 miles. We planned the trip perfectly to showcase Baby T’s new little outfit from Cotswold Baby Co. Armed with my camera and both grandmas we headed to Snowshill, to make some memories.


For little ones this was a great place to wander, the fact that under fives get in for free is even better for parents on a budget. Once you have walked through the rows of different lavender, learning the different names or sat in the field of wildflowers, you can take a sneak peek at how they distil the lavender in their on-site distillery.

All of the exploring built up quite an appetite, just across the road in a converted barn was a coffee shop that served delicious lavender treats and teas. We all enjoyed a quick cup of lavender earl grey tea (a favourite of mine) and a lavender cream tea. All lovingly made with the lavender from the fields, before having a look around their gift shop. Obviously, we had to make a few small purchases.

This is such a lovely place to have on our doorstep for a moment of calm, to recharge your energy and enjoy family time. almost most of the other wanderers around us said that they are glad they came and how beautiful it was. Next year, we will definitely return, hopefully, seeing a more vibrate sea of lavender.

If you would like to purchase the Pretty Blue Romper modelled by Baby T from Cotswold Baby Co. you can here:

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