Review – Fordington Gin

Being a gin lover, I love to try to find new gins. Every food fair, I am straight to the gin stall to try a sample.

This may holiday we attended the Spring Tide Food Festival on Hive Beach, you can see more of my blog post on this here: The Spring Tide Food Festival

Not being a local and most of the time seeing the same old gin companies pop at these things I was not sure what to expect but I knew there had to be a local gin trader there. Dorchester made Fordington Gin was there.

As I have mentioned in my previous holiday blog, I was struck down with tonsillitis, but do you think that was going to stop me from tasting some gin! Hell No! I very faintly say to the ladies, I’m sorry I have lost my voice, their immediate response was well only Gin will do! (I like these ladies thinking)

I am told that the lady behind this Gin, made it in her kitchen at home and that is how it all started. Created in Ros’ kitchen in Dorchester, the idea was to bring the taste of a London Dry Gin with a magical twist. Using different botanical ingredients, the twist finally came from absinthe botanicals.

As I neck back the simple of Gin, praying I can taste it, I am instantly hit with the aniseed, my favourite. Before thinking another thought, I purchase a small package which included a small bottle of Fordington Gin and a Fever-Tree tonic.

Why did I not purchase a big bottle? This was my first holiday with Baby T, along with packing up two cars and the kitchen sink I thought I could not possibly fit more in. However, this miniature was perfect for our time away, I just needed to feel better.

This gin has been the best I have sampled (and that’s quite a few!) Probably due to the aniseed flavours, which you can smell instantly as you take back the aroma. Unfortunately, getting your hands on this delicious gin is not as easy as popping down to your local shop. You have to order directly from Ros, which gives this a nice feeling of shopping locally and supporting local businesses.

If you would like to try Forington Gin, you can email Ros at

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