143 Sensory

For any mother or baby, 143 Sensory is the place to be.

When baby T was 2 Months old I had finally decided to look into sensory classes for her, after reading how important it is to develop your child’s senses and the world around them. I suddenly found my Facebook full of requests from groups to join, this was my first bite of how un-private Facebook had become, it was also quite overwhelming.

I decided to ignore these groups and look myself for the perfect class, I did not just want songs and lights, I wanted to strip the baby down to nappy filthy messy play too. Some mammas worse nightmare, although I am not a fan of mess, for my baby it was vital. I had met a few babies and toddlers that have a complete meltdown with the smallest amount of mess. In my personal opinion, babies are messy and they are going to make a mess.

My search led me to 143 Sensory a small group of babies who could enjoy songs, lights, messy play and lots of learning. Each class is specially planned and designed by Ashella and verified by teachers to ensure your baby gets beneficial learning.

Baby T has been going to 143 Sensory since she was 3 Months old, turning 1 years old next month she has come such a long way. The classes have been great even for me sharing and getting advice from other mothers. We even started weaning thanks to 143 Sensory, at 4 Months baby T was munching on delicious snacks, this may have been the start of everything going in her mouth. It gave us great confidence as parents to know she would be fine no matter she tried to eat she would be okay (within reason of course) we started to see her being more independent with grabbing and holding items and following her last sensory class she was clapping her hands and shaking the bells. Perfect timing for the next stage of her development with 143 with Messy Music.

Each week is a different theme, from Valentines Day to Cheltenham Races, going to space to a teddy bears picnic. All songs perfect fitting with toys and sensory items. img_7264

It is not just sensory Ashella offers Baby Massage so you can learn how to give your baby massage to help with relaxation or teething. Something we attempted to go but Baby T was on the move at that point and had no interest in lying down. Still, it was handy to know what to do so I could try at home.

Messy Music is the next stage of 143 where your baby can get messy and sing along to well-known nursery rhymes. Just bring along a swimming nappy, lots of wipes and clean clothes. It is great fun.

Outside of the normal classes if you love sensory you can book 143 for private parties, it is a great way to introduce friends and other parents to what Ashella offers.

If you are interested in trying one of Ashella’s classes you can find all the details you need at 143 Sensory on Facebook.

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