The Botanist – Cheltenham

Cheltenham welcomes another venue to share a cocktail and some delicious goodies, this time at the Brewery the popular restaurant and bars The Botanist joins Cheltenham’s finest places to go. Their launch showcased all they had to offer apart from what I hear a very delicious Sunday roast, but that’s a different blog post.

The first contribution for what The Botanist prides itself on was their specialities on gin, with a master class, that was right up, mine and my plus one’s street. The expert Harry talked us through three gins on offering with great knowledge and passion. Introducing to us Plymouth Gin, the longest manufacturing gin used by the British Navy and the first gin used in cocktail making, alongside Beefeater 24, the newest gin to the Beefeater’s collection of gins, inspired by Asian flavours.

Surrounded by the lush greens and plants the next showcase was a Rekorderlig Cider station where infused flavours were in a sense vaped and then complemented by a particular flavoured cider by Rekorderlig, it was a lot of fun. It certainly stirred up the senses and conversations.

With drinks flowing and the food starting to make its rounds, live music was struck up and the place came into full swing. The staff were smiling and happy to serve. It quickly became the most magical place to share an exciting cocktail. Although I must admit we are planning on returning to try some more cocktails on offer.



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