Christmas Lunch at Simpsons Fish & Chips

If there is one place to go this Christmas with your little ones it is Simpsons Fish & Chips on Priors Road, Cheltenham.

Every Saturday leading up to Christmas Mrs Christmas has come to Simpsons Fish & Chips to share her Christmas cheer. Baby T and I were invited to join in the fun, one Saturday and taste their delicious fish.

Dressed in Christmas Jumpers and with hungry tums, we decided to take the brisk walk in the wind to visit Mrs Christmas, and of course, baby dolly had to come in her pram too, so it took longer than planned. Worked out well as we arrived ravenous.

As Baby T loves chips and generally filling her face with food, she loved diving into her cod bites with a copious amount of ‘dip dip’ (Ketchup to the rest of us), whilst I enjoyed some divine Scampi with my chips.

What I particularly like is the fact that Simpsons believe in no funny business with their food. No MSG, salt, artificial colours or flavours or bulking agent, this Mrs Christmas proudly told me. She explains that is what she liked the most about Simpsons fish & chips and how she would not give it to her grandchildren if it had nasties in it.

Baby T loved the atmosphere of the restaurant and everyone was smiling or laughing. Simpsons offer such a friendly and warm family restaurant with attentive staff, it is the perfect place to take the family for traditional good fish & chips.

If Simpsons do this every year, we will definitely make it a Christmas tradition.

Mother Christmas is running 12-2pm on Saturday afternoons, please be warned you will need to book. Every child receives a little gift from Mrs Christmas and a copy of Mother Christmas saves the day book for bedtime.

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