The New Year

Every year I write something about the new year and the year ahead. Last years failings happened maybe two weeks into 2018 where realistically working out with a 6-month-old baby at home was not going to work for me. In hindsight, I realise I should have joined a yoga group or something and what it also surprises me is how quickly 2018 went, I could have sworn I wrote that post about the New Year a few months ago. The cold start to 2018 did not help, especially as we discovered a gas leak in the house. Fairly easy to sort right? Wrong, the pipe is under concrete so a new pipe had to be fitted. I am sure keeping up with exercise would have kept me warm, but the lack of shower facilities there was no way I was going to do that. Okay, you may think excuses and possibly, I cannot deny that I could have easily got back into the swing of things and I literally do not why I did not. Strangely I lost weight doing nothing, maybe it was the fact Baby T keeps me on my toes?


The one thing I want to start in 2019 was more time for me. I do not mean the treats in the bath with my favourite book, I do that regularly. I meant going out and having a mummy day, doing things I like or want to do without a toddler in tow. It dawned on me that when I do something, I have to take Baby T with me. So, I have gone on the hunt for a reliable babysitter.

We were a week into the new year and I have already failed this, I was looking forward to attending a 1950s evening. A whole new outfit was purchased fitting the era and I had a babysitter (well Mr N got the evening off) however, due to an emergency dental appointment, I was not able to go. This will not deter me, I am looking for exciting things to occupy an afternoon or day. Although this was could not be helped, it flatted my hope of progress for the New Year for about an hour or so.

The next kind of resolution I did start late into 2018, because why do we have to wait for January 1st every year to start new goals? If we need to achieve something new, different or change habits we can realistically start whenever we want. It is like the classic quote ‘Diet starts Monday’ and yet we never do. My new theory is starting when you are ready when you are comfortable with doing so, as long as you are motivated to do it. Says me who could not keep up with my exercises last year.

I keep clearing my wardrobe of unwanted clothes, clothes I buy and do not really wear or I never wear, what a waste of money. I made the decision to only purchase key vintage clothing. After watching a documentary on how the fashion industry affects the planet our throwaway fashion is killing it. I was in shock, all the cheap items I have purchased because it was this seasons colours, pattern or style. I just gave to charity, not saying this is a bad thing giving to charity but why aren’t we just filling it with more disposable clothing that someone else will probably throw in the bin eventually?

Here is the thing, vintage clothing stands the test of time, why? It was made to last and clearly in some cases do not go out of style. I stumbled across a post on Instagram about a blog with tips on a minimalist vintage wardrobe, now I admit cannot have a minimalist wardrobe because I have too many beautiful items I have collected on my travels and yep I wear them all (funny that), to part with them would be a disaster for me. The basics like shirts, jeans and jumpers are stylish and fashionable so why would we purchase cheap jeans etc, just to throw away after a few months?


Well, 2018 saw the return of some small sewing skills and the machine got dusted off, a new one purchased and for Christmas, an overlocker sewing machine was given to me. So, for 2019 I will be improving my skills somewhat. I made some great projects last year, so now it can only get better right? First stop, get myself on a course for the new toy as I admit I do not have a clue how to use it.

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Finally, on my goal list for 2019, reading. Yes, reading. For Christmas, I collected a huge pile of books that were on my Amazon wish list, alongside the two books waiting for me to read from Cheltenham’s Literature Festival. I absolutely have to make room to read, I love to read and I admit I need to look at my phone less.

Well, let’s see how I get on this year. It might not be straight away but as long as it is started, achieved and continued without it being given up easily it is a resolution right?

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  1. Happy New Year, beautiful 🌹

    1. ladymckew says:

      Thank you and to you too 🙂

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