My John Lewis & Partners Personal Styling Experience

I admit it when John Lewis and Partners was launched into Cheltenham, I felt the hype was too much. It would be like any other John Lewis department store, the plus side was the new jobs for people and increase the footfall for the town centre. In the early days of the store opening, for a mother, this store was a nightmare and for some reason, Baby T would have a complete meltdown in here and getting out of the store was so stressful, with not enough lifts or broken down lifts. Of course, I know better than anyone new stores have teething problems but it put me off coming in here with her.


As a mum, you tend to find yourself looking at your wardrobe and the days gone by with old favourites that fitted and you could wear without the worry of sticky fingers or milk stains. Throwing on jeans and jumpers or maybe just staying in comfort on a daily basis becomes your style. Why? We should treat ourselves to looking and feeling good without feeling guilty or worrying about being on our knees chasing our little ones around. You maybe Mama but you are still you.

A friend recommended I tried a John Lewis’ Personal Styling appointment, as she knew all too well how we stick ourselves in the mud with what we wear. She was glowing whilst sharing her experience over a cheeky gin and tonic. From her experience, she had to have these one particular jeans and a jumper she tried on. I was pretty confident I was not going to find a thing.


Looking at my wardrobe leading up to my appointment, I thought to myself, I do not need a stylist appointment, I need someone to ditch half of my wardrobe and leave me a capsule. How do you encapsulate a random vintage wardrobe?

The day arrives and I am immediately made to feel welcome and comfortable with Rachel my stylist for the morning, we chat for a while in my very own fitting room, with outfits already to try. Rachel tried to get the low down on what I’m looking for. Which, I did not really know myself. (Not helpful)


One outfit as I walked in the room caught my eye, I was in love before even seeing it on. I could not wait to try it on, once on, loved it even more. Parts of the outfit did not work for my shape but it set the groundwork for what to look for and what to avoid.


From this, colours I like but never wear were being tried on and then different styles that I have admired on others were styled for me. I had lost my confidence a lot, for someone who used to work in fashion. Finally, I was seeing styles, colours that suit me and I was trying things I normally shy away from. My confidence started to creep back in, my legs were on show even though quite pale and in despite need of a tan.

The trouble was trying to decide what to take away with me, how would I style at home without Rachel? Luckily with Rachel’s experience, she was able to match up key pieces that I had told her about at home. I was reassured that if I changed my mind, not to worry because I could always return the items. Luckily I do not want to return the pieces I brought.

I did not walk away with the most comfortable high-heeled pointed ankle boots I have ever worn but I did choose my two favourite pieces and I cannot wait to wear them.

I have immediately cleared my wardrobe and now looking at everything differently even the way I shop. I am basing everything around my new outfit and the styles I tried. The biggest buzz is the fact that the items I have kept in my wardrobe can be styled in different ways. I can see more now, how to take one outfit and dress it up for events or casually dress it down for every day. I have even let go of some vintage pieces after saying I would not be able to part with any of my collection.

I felt like a million dollars when I left Rachel, with new-found confidence. I want to Thank John Lewis and Partners for this amazing service and experience, however, it was Rachel who made it so special and made me feel differently about myself.

Booking yourself your own personalised stylist appointment is highly recommended,  the service is free, so you do not have to feel that this would be an expensive experience unless you buy everything you try!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelly says:

    Ohhh loved reading about this and loved those clothes. Wow… I need a Rachel in my life!! Hmmmm maybe I should make an appointment?
    Thanks for sharing. X

    1. ladymckew says:

      Everyone needs a Rachel!
      Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I am glad you enjoyed it.
      You should definitely book an appointment, it is great fun x

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