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More now than ever, we are aware of the destruction our lifestyle has on our planet. Full of ignorance and greed we have damaged what Mother Earth has created. We are at crisis point with the oceans overcome with plastic and global warming at its highest.

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Since starting a family myself and my husband have become more emotional and sensitive to life, (children can do that to you) but for me, it is the kind of future Baby T will have. Maybe, if we start now we can make it different before her and her children and her children’s children have to suffer the consequences. It is definitely important to make sure she and others are educated on how to help and start good habits early.

I really wanted to make positive changes to our way of living and set myself and my family some goals on an extremely tight budget. The biggest problem I hear from others and I have to agree is that you can not do this on a tight budget! Most of the products are costly and the truth is you can get more for less from the supermarket. So how do you tackle it?

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I have always hated waste, and we had so many things in our home that I wanted to cut out and get rid of. Using up bathroom and kitchen products no problem as long as we were recycling the bottles when finished. The point of this was not to recycle more but to use fewer things that needed throwing or recycling. This is just a case of use up and not buy again. But, then there were some items I wanted to stop using but had to use up but then I would be harming the environment still, this was the problem I was faced with:


Cling film, we had two rolls of it in the kitchen drawer. The annoying thin plastic film which clings to itself, smooth surfaces and me getting me in a frustrating muddle. Made from a variety of plastics, the most popular material being polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Not only is this plastic harmful to human health, but it is also a single-use product, meaning it is ending up in landfill and in our oceans where it is causing harm to the environment and nature. So what do I do with it? I am still working on this.

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Over the next couple of blogs, I want to share with you my findings with things I have tried, been recommended and how it impacted on our life. It is so easy to give everyone recommendations for swaps but what really works? and do you really have to spend a lot of money on your swaps?

You can not just ditch everything and start fresh. It’s not economical in a money sense and frankly, it’s not environmentally savvy either! So what’s the solution, I am going to find out.

When I first started this I was talking about fashion and the impacts that the industry has on our planet, you can find out more here. Fashion Sustainability in association with LINC

I started to follow accounts on Instagram about being more ethical, soon I was bombarded with different accounts selling eco products, all pretty much followed for a follow and then unfollowed. This made me think where really was the best place to find your swaps and on a budget. I know you get what you pay for, but you do not need to pay a small fortune for such things.

Through my journey I used the following places to find my swaps:

  • Lush Cosmetics
  • Etsy Marketplace
  • Local markets near me
  • Food Loose and Plastic Free
  • Norwex

I hope you enjoy our journey and it inspires you to join in giving our planet a second chance. If you have any tips, tricks and recommendations I would love to hear them.

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