Summer Jam at The Botanist & Babel Cheltenham

Every year The Brewery Cheltenham invites you to enjoy their Summer Jam. Food, Cocktails and the best of local music. Basically, a jam-packed event for the whole family to enjoy. this year along with the gorgeous sunshine The Brewery Jammed in style.

Under the evening sunshine a group of mummies, bloggers and ladies in need of a fun Friday night enjoyed the upbeat funky remakes of songs sung by local vocalist Camilla Lewington. Along with an array of pop up bars from the surrounding restaurants, we enjoyed a cup of punch, and a gin and tonic or two before heading to our first planned venue of the evening.

The Botanist

One of my regular haunts with the now sometimes terrible two-year-old is a great place to dine with the family, but this evening was strictly adults. Surrounded by the lush green interiors we sat down to enjoy a delicious meal and some girly conversations.

Being a slight regular at The Botanist, I have enjoyed their Harry Potter quiz nights which are incredible fun with themed cocktails and desserts. Tonight as a mama who was allowed to enjoy an alcoholic beverage I decided to push the boat out and asked for one of The Botanist’s amazing smoking cocktails. Yes, I smoked the table out.

To start I decided to get a little messy and ordered the Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings. The perfect finger food with a delicious dip for diving into topped with Chilli and spring onions. Little did I realise this would be a theme of my meal.


If you are going to eat here you have to one of their hanging kebabs, The Botanist offers a lovely selection of fresh hanging kebabs from chicken to lamb or halloumi. I went for the halloumi with an offering of Salt and Pepper fries (see the theme here) when they say Salt and Pepper fries they mean a deliciously sweet chilli sticky dressing over the fries topped with chilli and spring onions.

Back to the kebab and these amazing hanging kebabs consist of a good portion of halloumi, sliced grilled peppers, onions and mushrooms. We dived in and it did not disappoint.


And of course, because I absolutely love the onion petals they offer as a side I had to request some for the table to try. They went down a storm and full of very happy tummies we decided dessert would be cocktails.

When eating out these days I have found it increasingly difficult to get good service. Smiles are missing along with enthusiasm and good recommendations, the key to any restaurant, bar or cafe. Here at The Botanist, we received service that went beyond expectations. Full of knowledge, recommendations across the drinks menu extended to the food menu. Smiles and jokes all around, thank you to The Botanist for such a fantastic experience.

Time for dessert…


Moving on from our delicious meal our dessert was cocktails at Cheltenham’s hottest bar Babel.

With music flowing, it was time to get the cocktails going. Their extensive list will certainly give you more choices than most.

The first choice was The Babel’s Valhalla Rising, blackberries with apple schnapps was the perfect summer cocktail. Refreshing and light perfect for sitting in their outdoor area enjoying the music of the Summer Jam (see my lovely model)

In the midst of enjoyment, the most hilarious scenario happened to our table and I just have to share as we all thought our luck was in. We sat down to start our drinks and continue our conversation when a member of staff approached two ladies in our party with an ice bucket with a bottle of wine in. Thinking oooo our luck is in as it was paid for by a gentleman at another table (who said chivalry is dead)

The problem then occurred when the gentleman who brought it started making gestures to the staff member and it was quickly realised that it was not for us after a couple of evil eye looks where shot over to us. How we laughed at this and bless the member of the bar staff. We all realised that there are still gentleman out there, so if you are still looking you may just find one.

The second choice for our cocktails was a Songbird, oh gosh this was absolutely delish. Anything with gin in and I am there, this summer rhubarb has been my favourite fruit and I have been lucky enough to have in-laws who grow loads of the stuff in their allotment.

After all this, it was time to hang up our dancing shoes as the microphone of the Summer Jam was hung up until the following day. The Brewery Quarter provided us with a fantastic evening full of great music, delicious food and tasty cocktails. Look no further for your night out with the girls here. We will definitely be returning to share food, cocktails and laughs.

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